2018-19 Project for 6th Std

The project topic for 2018-19 for 6th std is ‘Locality Brigade for Locality Betterment

This means, addressing local problems through a group of people who are capable of solving it. [And not expecting someone else to solve them for you!]

What students need to do:

  1. Identify problem (or an area of improvement) as your topic. This should be a local problem. Like ‘parking problem inside your building’ or some problem happening in your school class room or on local play ground etc. [note: your topic should be local. And not ‘Global warming’ or ‘pollution due to plastic’]
  2. Form a locality brigade. Means make a group of capable people who can address the problem. [We suggest that you appoint yourself as the president of this brigade! Then choose the other members as per convenience and effectiveness.]
  3. Address the problem, which you have identified through the brigade. Allocate some work to the group members. [We suggest that you yourself should do the work if others are not able to do!]
  4. Solve the problem in a scientific way. Study the problem, make it measurable, find possible ideas, select and execute the required tasks, evaluate your actions, review and modify your actions.
  5. Write the project report.

My Example project:

Me and many school children go to school by a school bus or van, stand at the gate of their respective building. This increases the number of bus stops and creates traffic. Also kids standing directly on the road is potentially unsafe. I will try to resolve this problem by building a locality Brigade.

Following are the actions which I plan to take:

  1. Identifying two better and safer areas where kids can stand. Call them ‘school stands’.
  2. Check with the local corporator if the areas are ok for the kids to stand.
  3. Try to paint and mark the areas.
  4. Try to check if we can put a small (2 -3 ft) wooden barrier and a gate
  5. Put useful facilities like: arrange for drinking water, arrange for shadow for the betterment of the standing kids.
  6. Put newspapers to read.
  7. Make Whatsapp groups and posters to spread awareness about the local brigade.
  8. Review and check effectiveness.
  9. Take a corrective action if required.
  10. Write a report.

Also go through the document published by the examiners on the msta website

Students should think of their own idea and write the outline. Avoid copying this.

If you require any help you can call / whatsapp me: Rahul Ogale – 9892013836

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