What we do for Homi Bhabha Exam Students

Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam is a good excuse to start learning and thinking scientifically. The following tools will help you to prepare for this exam in a learning oriented manner –

  • Online Classes, Regular Classes and Workshops
  • Science Experiment Kits – 2 types
  • E-Course App and Test Series App
  • Homi Bhabha Exam Book and Solved Q.Papers book
  • MPracts App and Classes for Homi Bhabha Practical Exam
  • Interview and Project Guidance
  • Whatsapp Groups for Homi Bhabha Exam
  • Advanced Science-Maths Class (9th and 10th Std)

1. Online Class

This is a complete online classroom course, just like our regular classes. Learn through Zoom classes, recorded videos, discussions and doubt-solving sessions, whatsapp groups. (E-course and test-series apps are given for free with this course)

Join us from anywhere! Skip travel, keep learning!!
You only need: Any android phone / device, basic internet connection

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2. Regular Classes and Workshops

We conduct regular classes in Mumbai and workshops and guidance sessions all over Maharashtra.

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3. Science Kits

Reading information from books is NOT learning. True understanding starts only when you start experimenting yourself, observing and questioning the things around you. For learning through experiments, we have designed two science kits:

1. Do and Discover Science kit for experiments in Physics and Chemistry.

Ogale's physics chemistry kit

Contains chemicals, test tubes, lens, mirror, beaker, litmus papers, spring balance, thermometer, bar magnets, etc. Useful for the Homi Bhabha Practical Exam.

2. Learn with Fun Electricity kit for electrical circuits and models

Ogale's Electricity Kit

Make circuits with LED lights, fan, motor, buzzer, switches, etc.
Make over 25 working models like Generator, DC motor, toy signal, etc.

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4. E-Course APP for 6th Std

Download the app and study at home from any android device!

  • Complete course material of 13 classes
  • Written in Easy to read style as spoken in class
  • Chapter-wise and Subject-wise tests
  • Two classes are free and open for all.

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5. Books for Homi Bhabha Exam

We have written books for 6th and 9th Std Homi Bhabha Exam.
Publisher: Dnyanda Prakashan

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6. Test Series Apps for Homi Bhabha Exam

We have test series apps for both 6th and 9th Std Homi Bhabha Exam. Contains 2 full-length Prelim Exams, many topic-wise tests, a mid-term test and conceptual questions to check understanding.

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7. MPracts Apps for Homi Bhabha Practical Exam

These are interactive mobile APPs to study for Homi Bhabha Level 2 – Practical Exam.

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8. Regular and Online Classes for Practical Exam (Stage II)

These classes will start soon after the results of Level 1 – Theory Exam are out. Time for preparation for this stage is usually very short (1 month), so please contact soon after results.

Even students who are not selected can join if they like to do experiments and want to learn to become good experimenters!

9. Interview and Project Work Guidance (Stage III):

We conduct:

  • Mock interviews for practice
  • Guidance Session on how to prepare for the Interview
  • Guidance Session on how to do the Homi Bhabha Project Work
  • Personal guidance regarding your project

Contact us to join these sessions

10. Whatsapp Groups

We run whatsapp groups for Science and Homi Bhabha Exam related posts and discussions. We also share activities, experiments, and videos to encourage students and provoke thinking.

These are of course free and open for all who are interested.
To join, please contact us or register here.

11. Classes for IPM, Pravinya, Pradnya

We also conduct classes for Maths Pravinya, Prabhutva, IPM, Olympiad and other competitive exam. Contact Dilip and Anjali Ogale – 9892503606.

12. Advanced Science-Maths Class (9th and 10th Std)

We conduct this class for students who enjoy learning just for fun.

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For all kinds of queries and help and information, please:

Call / Whatsapp: Rahul Ogale – 9892013836