Advanced Maths and Science Online Class

What to learn:
Topics like Complex numbers, Limits, Trigonometry, Functions and Graphs, Projectile motion, Circular motion, Combinatorics, Relativity, Semiconductors, Basics of Electronics, Computers, Evolution and Genetics, etc.

Why these topics?
Because they are nice.

Are these topics difficult?

Will I understand each and every thing taught in this class?

How much will I understand?
Many things. Depends on your interest, willingness to take efforts, and our capacity to teach.

Why to join:

  1. You are slightly mad about Science-Maths.
  2. You can learn new things even without any exam.
  3. You have some time left in your busy life to enjoy such things.

Why NOT to join:

  1. Because nobody has told you that it is for IIT.
  2. Because it is not compulsory.
  3. Because it is not free.
  4. Because you can join some other class at that time.

Batch Time: Friday 8 pm

Planned Start Date: 2 Dec 2021

Duration: Depends.
Currently we have planned 14 sessions.

Fee: 3000/-
As some fee needs to be decided.

If I dont have money now, can I pay the fee after I myself start earning?
Yes. But the responsibility to remember this is completely yours.

Why is this class conducted?
Because we like to teach.

Is this class professionally managed with customer focus?

Even after reading all this, if you still want to join, do contact us. You are most welcome! Happy learning Science!

Rahul and Udita Ogale