Online Class for Homi Bhabha Exam

For upcoming batches: please contact Rahul Sir – 9892013836

Teaching science to bright students is our passion. We have been conducting classes for Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Exam (6th and 9th Std) since 2007. Now our classes are online! So students who like Science can join us from anywhere in a virtual classroom!

Online Class for Homi Bhabha Theory Exam:

  • Live Lectures using Zoom App
    • First objective is to learn Science!
    • Showing Instruments, Videos and material
    • Build a good foundation in Science
    • Trigger scientific thinking
  • Doubt Solving and discussion sessions at the end of every lecture. Also, students can ask doubts on whatsapp / phone
  • Class Material provided to our online class students
    • For 9th Std – Android app containing practice questions and notes of few important chapters.
    • For 6th Std – Two android apps: 1) Study App (for chapter-wise study) and 2) Test Series app for practice questions.
  • Whatsapp Group for science discussions, activities and homework.
  • Useful Books – (Can be purchased from Amazon / by courier – contact publisher Shri. Mulay – 9223275537)
    • Homi bhabha book (author Rahul Ogale) – Publisher Dnyanada Prakashan
    • Past ten years question papers book by Dnyanada Prakashan

This is a learning-oriented class. We believe that learning science is learning to THINK. It is a goal in itself. Homi Bhabha Exam is just an excuse to do that. Keeping this goal in mind, let us start learning using technology!

Following two classes (one for 6th and one for 9th std) were conducted open-to-all. You can watch them here:-


9th Std – Newtons Laws and Gravitation


Contact: Rahul Ogale – 9892013836