Online Class for Homi Bhabha Theory Exam

Teaching science to bright students is our passion and religion. Our expertise is teaching for Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Exam.

We have been conducting classes and workshops for this exam (6th and 9th Std) since 2007. But we are based in Mumbai and students from outside cannot reach us. And of course, in the current lock-down situation, even Mumbaikars cannot reach us!

So, in order to reach out to all students across Maharashtra, we have now started online classes. Students can now simply attend the same classes in a virtual and interactive classroom!

Online Class includes:

  1. Interactive Sessions using Zoom App – View a sample video
    • Teaching with Screen sharing
    • Showing Science Videos related to the topic
    • Showing instruments and material
    • Discussions and questions
  2. Recorded Videos of Rahul Sir teaching – View a sample video
  3. Two Apps for 6th Std
  4. One App for 9th Std
  5. Whatsapp Group for science discussions, activities and homework.
  6. Doubt and Difficulty Solving – during interactive sessions + on Whatsapp or Phone.

You Will Need: Any android device + Internet connection.

Excerpts from our Online Classes for Homi Bhabha Exam:

Even if the batch has just started, new students can still join as we plan to re-telecast all the previous sessions!

Note: We also make Science Experiment Kits. They are not compulsory.
They are only for those who love to do experiments at home.

If interested, please send whatsapp to Rahul Ogale – 9892013836

Skip Travel. Keep Learning!

Nature of our Homi Bhabha Online Class

Our online class is a learning-oriented class.

We believe that learning science is learning to THINK. It is a goal in itself. The Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Exam is just an excuse to do that. Keeping this goal in mind, we will start learning using technology!

Just as we do in our regular classes, here also we will:

  • Build a good foundation in Science
  • Develop strong understanding of basic concepts
  • Trigger scientific thinking
  • Provide exposure in science

The various elements of the physical class will be covered in online class as shown below:

For queries, please contact: Rahul Ogale – 9892013836

P.S. We also conduct an Advanced Maths and Science Class for 9th / 10th Std students who like to learn just for fun!

We also conduct a Digital Electronics Workshop for interested students.

Live Recording of Homi Bhabha Exam Online Class for 6th Std