Ogale Learning Centre for Homi Bhabha Exam

If hot air always goes up and cool air comes down, why is it not hot on Mount Everest?
Why does the divisibility test of 3 not work for 4?
While travelling in a car, we can feel the air coming in from all the windows. Why doesn’t the car blow up like a balloon then?

If you find such questions interesting, Ogale Learning Centre is the right place for you!

We believe that learning science is learning to think!

In fact, thinking in a logical and rational way helps us to be on the right path at every stage of life. Otherwise we are likely to end up confused and frustrated.

Teaching bright students is our passion. Our aim is to make them think and strengthen their understanding of fundamental concepts in science. Our expertise is teaching for Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Exam.

For interested young science students, we have:

Students who ask too many questions and never find textbook explanations satisfactory – are perfectly welcome!! We try to solve all doubts up to our capacity. Even if you are not our class students.

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