Electricity Kit Box – Learn with Fun!

A box packed with material to do experiments in electricity and electromagnetism. With this box you will be making:

  • Simple circuits with Motor, Siren, LEDs, fan, switches, buzzer, household wiring
  • Games – Traffic Signal, Electronic Match-a-Pair game, Steady Hand Game
  • Experiments – Electrolysis of water, Electromagnet, series and parallel connections
  • Science projects and models: DC Motor, Generator, Homopolar Motor, Two-way wiring

Learn about Electricity and Electrical Circuits by doing experiments! A perfect toy for any kid who loves to MAKE things on his own!

Order by phone and Kit box can be sent to your home! – Call or whatsapp Rahul Ogale – 9892013836

Kit Box price – Rs.1200 + Courier price Rs.200 (Anywhere in Maharashtra)

EM box contents

Complete Support available here –

  1. Watch Guidance Videos on our youTube channel – Ogale Electricity Kit Box
  2. Read the Complete instruction booklet
  3. Watch videos of experiments done by our students using this kit.
Guidance Videos – Ogale’s Electricity Kit