Experiment Kit Boxes

Learning does not happen by reading books alone. Real learning happens when you try to DO things by yourself, handle instruments and observe what happens! To encourage students to do this, we have designed two kit boxes:

1. Do & Discover Science Kit Box: 

Science experiment kit for Homi Bhabha Practical Exam and school experiments up to 10th grade

Contains: Test tubes, chemicals, litmus, pH paper, lens, mirror, prism, spring balance, thermometer, bar magnet, etc…

Try neutralization of acid-bases, burn magnesium wire, see sublimation of ammonium chloride, weigh objects using spring balance, observe oscillations of pendulum and much more…

Very useful for Homi Bhabha Theory and Practical Exam.

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2. Learn with Fun Electricity Kit Box

Electricity Kit for making circuits, science projects and working models

Contains: LED lights, Siren, Fan, Motor, Switches, Resistors, Wires, etc…

Make circuits, science games and projects like Generator, DC Motor, Toy Traffic Signal, Buzzer, Electromagnet, Two-way wiring, etc.

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To Order: Contact Rahul Ogale – 9892013836