Bright Students Online Math-Science Class for School and competitive exams -Olympiad, IPM

Conducted by Anjali and Dilip Ogale – 9892503606

We cover

  • ICSE, CBSE, State board syllabus (common learning platform).
  • Physical Geography (Earth science)
  • Problems of competitive exams like IPM, Olympiad, Pravinya, Scholarship, Prabhutva.

Our online teaching Method

  • PPT, animations, online experiments, models are shown
  • PDF of lectures, Practice Home Work sheets are shared
  • WhatsApp  support to solve doubts and difficulties

Something Extra

  • ‘Teach your friends’ sessions to improve confidence
  • Puzzles for off-beat thinking
  • Introduction to Origami (a fine art) for creativity

About Us

(Teaching is our passion even after retirement)
Anjali Ogale: M.Sc. Mumbai, 20 years experience (from 6th to 12th Std. NTSE, etc)
Dilip Ogale: Mechanical Engg, VJTI Mumbai

Extra learning from our teaching

  • Learn to think, Scientific attitude (How and Why)
  • First-time-correct approach
  • Understand basic principles (No mugging up)
  • Develop interest in Maths and science at early stage


Anjali and Dilip Ogale – 9892503606