Homi Bhabha Level 2 – Practical Exam Overview

What is Homi Bhabha Level 2?

Phase II or Level 2 of the Homi Bhabha Exam is a Practical Exam. 
Here, the students have to actually do some experiments / activities and answer the given questions.

Students selected from Level 1 (Theory Exam) can appear for this level. And top 10% students from this level will be selected for the next level (Phase III – Interview and Project).

Watch our YouTube Video about Homi Bhabha Stage 2 – Practical Exam

Nature of Homi Bhabha Practical Exam:

  1. For 6th std:
    1. Five experiments from general science of 6 marks each.
    2. Time 6 minutes for each experiment
  2. For 9th std:
    1. One experiment each of physics and chemistry – 10 marks each. (Time: 10 minutes for each experiment)
    2. 10 samples/ specimens for biology. – 10 marks total (Time: 10 minutes in all)

Our TOOLS for Practical Exam

Apart from our Practical Exam Classes, we have 2 fantastic tools to help you prepare for the Homi Bhabha Practical Exam:

Science Experiment Kit
To do Practicals at Home

Homi Bhabha Practical Kit Box - Material useful to do Physics and Chemistry experiments up to 10th grade
  • Provides material to do experiments at home.
  • Contains test tubes, chemicals, litmus, pH papers, lens, mirror, prism, beaker, bar magnet, spring balance, lab thermometer and much more!
  • Useful to do experiments up to 10th Std
  • Learn more

A Complete Guidance APP

Homi Bhabha Practical Exam App for Android - Complete guide for Homi Bhabha Practical Exam
  • Step wise instructions on how to set-up and do the experiments at home
  • Learn questions asked at the actual exam and how to write the answers
  • Model Answers: very useful for both parents and students
  • Explanations of experiments with photos and videos
  • Learn more

There are different MPracts apps for 6th and 9th Std.
A part of this app is FREE! Do check it out on google play store:
Free part of 6th MPracts – Link for 6th Std
Free part of 9th MPracts – Link for 9th Std

Our Classes for Practical Exam

  • We conduct 4 sessions of 3 hours each
  • Students do more than 40 experiments in a learning-oriented manner
  • See a few demo experiments + many biology samples
  • Learn how to write correct answers

How to prepare for this exam?

At the practical exam, you need to do two things:
1. Do the experiments
2. Write the answers

So, to perform well, you must learn two things:
1. How to be a good experimenter
2. How to write good answers that will satisfy the examiners

How do I learn these things?

  1. Be a doer: Start doing the experiments (using our science kit box or material at school.)
  2. You can use our Free Practical Experiment Booklet for reference.
  3. Maintain a separate notebook for this (lab-book).
  4. Pay attention to accuracy in measurements.
  5. Learn to handle instruments, zero error (Refer to MPracts for this)
  6. Develop hand skills – do some house work, make an omelette. 
  7. Revise theory knowledge and learn to apply it:
    E.g. You must have studied about magnets. But when three pieces are given, can you find out which of them are magnets?
  8. Develop awareness: E.g. Visit a market, nature park
  9. Learn how to write the answers: This is the most important part from exam point of view

For more details on how to prepare, we have another special article:

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