How to prepare for Homi Bhabha Exam Interview

Stage 3 of Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Exam has 2 parts – Interview and Project Work. This article will guide you how to prepare for the first part: A Personal Interview based on General Science

An interview is conducted to judge a candidate on various aspects which we cannot judge by written test or other tests. To decode the complete interview process and understand its various aspects, a complete 1.5 hour session is required.

We conduct such Guidance Sessions for Homi Bhabha Interview at Mahim (in Mumbai). We also conduct mock interviews for practice.
(For more details, please contact Rahul Ogale – 9892013836).

A Powerpoint Presentation and a live recording of one of our sessions are also available (you will find them at the bottom of this page)

Here is a brief summary of some of the points covered in our sessions. They will be surely be helpful:

  • Interview is basically a process of judgment. So help the examiners to judge you.
  • Prepare for the interview. If you have a short time: get more knowledge about our topic of interests, hobbies, if you have done any work or task, think about your future plans, know about your family, make yourself better aware about your own self and your surroundings.
  • Study at least one topic in physics, chemistry and biology in detail. If you get an opportunity to tell your favorite topic, you can definitely choose that!
  • Prepare short speeches on these topics and preset them to your family members.
  • Tell your family members to ask you questions while you are speaking.
  • Aspects like, looks, first impression, body language, communication skills matter a lot in an interview.
  • At the time of actual interview, many question answers, discussions will happen. Some questions will be generic and some will be specific.
    • For generic questions like, ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘what topics you like in science’ you can talk with enthusiasm. Give some additional information. Prepare for these questions in advance.
    • For specific questions: try to answer to the point. If you don’t know the answer, say so clearly.
  • Try to think in front of the examiners. Even if you are tense or nervous, do not give up thinking! The examiners should understand your thinking process.
  • Never Bluff. And if you do, do not get caught! And if you do that too, then take it back politely!
  • Speak in a medium or slightly fast speed.
  • Be sufficiently loud and be audible. It is your responsibility that the examiners hear you properly.
  • Too much arr arr arr…. and um umms can be reduced by practice
  • Practice answering or talking in front of mirror!

For more details, here is the full PPT and video of our Interview and Project Guidance Session.

Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Interview and Project Guidance Session PRESENTATION

Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Interview and Project Guidance Session VIDEO

Note: This is a raw quality video shot live on a selfie camera. But the content is excellent and very useful for Homi Bhabha Level 3 Preparation! So if you have patience and interest you are free to watch and learn from it.

If you have any queries or need any help for preparing for Bal Vaidnyanik Exam, please contact:

Rahul Ogale (Mumbai) – 9892013836,