Material required for Digital Electronics Workshop

This is the material required for our digital electronics workshop. You need to procure this material in any way suitable to you. (Suggested links are given below)

Necessary Components:

  1. Breadboards (1 big + 1 small or 2 big)
  2. Connecting wires for breadboard (many)
  3. Capacitor 10 uf (5 pieces)
  4. Capacitor 100 uf or similar (5 pieces)
  5. Push buttons (4 pieces)
  6. Diodes (4 pieces)
  7. Red LEDs (12 pieces)
  8. Variable resistor (also called potentiometer or trimpot)
  9. BC547 NPN transistors (16 pieces)
  10. 1M ohm resistors (16 pieces)
  11. Few other resistors (1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 100k or similar)
  12. Shift register 8 bit – IC 74hc595 (1 piece)
  13. IC 555 timer (1 piece)
  14. 9 volt battery + battery snapper (connector) – [This is same as the one in our (Ogale’s) Electricity kit]

Optional Components:

  1. Speaker
  2. Toggle switches (3 pieces)

One suggested way to get all this is by ordering a general purpose kit and a few extra components as given below. However the material of the kit and price keeps on changing. So it is important for you to check that your final order will provide you the required material as per the above list.

Suggested links for ordering:

  1. General purpose kit I (Amazon) – (around 799/-)
  2. Extra Components:
    Individual items from the site –
    (Around 240/- in all)
    NPN transistors BC547
    1M ohm resistors – 1M ohm link 1 and 1M ohm link 2
    NE555 timer IC
    Red LEDs
    Battery snap connector – Type 1
    Battery snap connector – Type 2 (optional)
    Toggle switches (optional)
  3. 9V battery is available at any hardware shop
  4. Speaker (optional)

    These above links are expected to cover all the required components.

Few more alternate links from Amazon (more expensive):

Please Note:
The above links are just guidelines. You can procure the material in any way you prefer.