Homi Bhabha Exam Syllabus

Although there is no fixed syllabus for this exam, there are some guidelines:

Exams for 6th and 9th are mainly based on science topics covered in SSC, CBSE and ICSE board textbooks of the same standard. However, the questions asked are more difficult and tricky than regular school exams. So a thorough understanding of basic science concepts is essential.

A Sample Question from Homi Bhabha Exam:

When can we say that 2 pieces A and B are magnets?
1. When Piece A attracts Piece B
2. When Piece A attracts Piece B and Piece B also attracts Piece A
3. When Piece A repels Piece B
4. When Piece A and Piece B do not attract each other.

Now, you may think in a hurry that option 2 (both attract each other) is correct. But that is not true (even an iron piece attracts a magnet!) The correct answer is option 3 (repulsion is a sure test of magnetism).

Now, to answer such a question, it is not enough to just read school books. While studying any topic, you must ask questions – “But why does this happen?”, “How does this work?”… And if you cannot find the answers, you are always welcome to ask us!

General List of Topics for Homi Bhabha Exam 6th Std:

  1. Physics: Properties of Matter, Force and Pressure, Motion, Simple Machines, Inertia, Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism, Our Universe, Work and Energy, Units and Measurements
  2. Chemistry: Changes in Surroundings, Composition of Substances, Air and Gases, Acids and Base, Methods of Separation, Metals and Non-Metals, Man made materials, Water
  3. Biology: Cell, study of plants, parts of plants, characters and classification of animals and plants, life processes, balance in nature, Human Body Systems, Food, diseases, Animal Husbandry

General List of Topics for Homi Bhabha Exam 9th Std:

  1. Physics: Units and Measurements, Kinematics, Newtons laws, Gravitation, Force, Pressure, Archimedes Principle, Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism, Astronomy, Work, Energy, Power
  2. Chemistry: Periodic Table, Formation of Compounds, Chemical Reactions, Organic Compounds, Metals – Non Metals, Acids and Base, Mole Concept, Atomic Theory, Radioactivity, Air, Water
    Man made materials,
  3. Biology: Cell, Cell division, classification of animals and plants, life processes, human biology

Our Online classes, Books and E-Course try to cover these topics in detail with focus on conceptual understanding.

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