Week 3 – for 6th Std

I. Video: Firemen lifting car with water

We have studied about the Newtons law of action and reaction.

Observe the video. Why is the car flying in the air? Identify which is the action force and which is the reaction force.

Car lifting Video

Snapshot from the video:

II. Force and Pressure:

  1. What is the law of action and reaction?
  2. Give an example where we want friction. And where we don’t want friction.
  3. Make two small holes in a plastic bottle at different heights (As we have observed in class). Fill water in it. Observe.
    What can we conclude from this experiment?

All those who have full E-Course activated:
Go to Full course– > Class 2 –> physics — > force and pressure — > Study the chapter, see the videos, do the activities and take the test.

III. Respiration and Circulation

Measure your pulse rate = Number of heartbeats in one minute.
Also measure your rate of breathing = How many times you breathe in one minute.

Jump up and down continuously for 1 minute.
Now measure your pulse rate and breathing rate again.

What do you observe? Explain.

IV. Activity – Heating Sugar

Do this in presence of your parents ONLY.

Take some sugar in a spoon with a sufficiently long handle. Heat it on the gas flame. (Parents please ensure the SAFETY). Observe. Do you observe yellowish-brown liquid?

Heat it for some more time. What do you observe? Explain.

Photos of activities done by young experimenters

You must have noticed that first we get yellowish liquid. Then it starts turning brown. On heating further, we get black coloured carbon.

It is a surprising fact that tasty and beautiful white-coloured sugar is made up of black-coloured carbon! This is a chemical change.

See the video –
Observe that carbon in elemental form takes up much more space. So, when sugar gets converted to carbon, it spills over. Also observe that the carbon formed in the spoon can also burn.