Digital Electronics Online Workshop

One should make circuits on breadboards for mental satisfaction.

It is not just connecting wires as per the circuit diagram. You should make the circuit on your own. With your own understanding, ideas and thoughts.

This is a hobby. You can develop it up to your capacity and will. It has a huge potential in technical and engineering field.

In this workshop, you will actually build circuits using transistors, capacitors, logic gates, IC 555 chip, shift register, etc. You also have to work on two more ‘projects’.

To know more details, go through the recorded video of the students-parents meeting conducted on Friday, 20 November 2020.

Meeting for Digital Electronics Workshop 20 Nov 2020 (live rec)

Some FAQs

How will I get the required material?
You need to order it from Amazon. (View material list)

Why should I join this workshop?
Building circuits on breadboard using such components is quite addictive.

Why should I not join?
Building circuits on breadboard is quite addictive.
Besides, this will not give you any extra marks.

Who will build circuits for me if the class is online?
You. Yourself.

How will I make correct connections?
We will teach you.

Will I be able to learn and do all this online?
Considering our teaching capacity, quite likely.
If you have strong will power then most likely.

What if my circuit does not work?
Dissemble it and try again.

Will sir help me to correct the mistakes in my circuit?
Up to the extent possible over online sessions.
However it is advisable not to make too many mistakes.

What if I spoil any of my components due to wrong connections?
You need to purchase them again.

Is there a chance of me dying due to electric shock while building my circuits?
Because your 9 V battery is not sufficient to kill you by electric shock. And you are advised NOT to use any other power source.

Is this useful in academics?
May be. If you join electronics or computer or any such engineering branch. Extremely useful to impress any interviewer in any interview.

Are the things learnt during this workshop useful to earn money in real life?
Directly – less useful.
Indirectly – extremely useful.

What if my components are faulty?
You need to get it resolved with Amazon or wherever you buy them from.

Can my parents attend the sessions and do the circuits with me?
Yes. But they too will not get any extra marks.

Is this class professionally managed with customer focus?

Dates – Tuesdays and Fridays from 8th Dec to 1st Jan 2020

Fee – 2000/- (plus material of approximately 1300/-)

If interested, please contact / send whatsapp to Rahul Ogale – 9892013836