Exam Tips for Homi Bhabha Theory Exam

A few instructions and tips for Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Theory Exam (Stage I)

A few weeks before the exam:

  1. Select your favorite chapters (3-5 at a time). Take your own time and study them nicely. Parents can ask oral question to check if the child has understood. Then select some other chapters. And try to finish most of the portion in 2-3 weeks.
  2. Studying for Homi Bhabha exam does not mean solving past question papers only. Study should be done through your text book or our book or any other science text book. Refer state board science text book also.
  3. Question papers should be solved using open book method. Students should search for answers from the books. Try to find and understand all the four options of the given question.
  4. Type and send your doubts on our whatsapp group or email me on rahulogale@yahoo.com

In the last week:

  1. Revise the topics which you have studied earlier thoroughly. Check if you are able to answer all questions based on these topics.
  2. Do not try to learn new and complicated things in the last week. Revise what you know; don’t worry about what you don’t know!
  3. Go though the questions which you had got wrong earlier while solving past papers. Study those relevant topics once again.
  4. If you have got the test series app, go though “First attempt wrong questions” from Topic-wise tests and also from Prelim tests.
  5. Memorize things which you need to. Just put them into temporary memory till the time of exam and forget about them later!
  6. Go through science-related news and events which have taken place recently. We have also made a short compilation of events for you. Read it here: Current year’s News and Events
  7. If you are from CBSE/ ICSE board syllabus, here are a few points from SSC board textbook for you –
    For 6th Std
    For 9th Std
  8. Go though whatever you have studied from your textbooks, our HomiBhabha book and e-course.

At the time of the actual Exam:

  1. Sleep well on the night before the exam.
  2. Even if the exam is in the evening, avoid going anywhere in the morning. Just be at home and remain fresh
  3. Open and print the link ‘brochure’ from the site http://www.msta.in and carry it with you. This is just for practice. At exam, a different answer sheet will be given to you!
  4. Carry sufficient writing material. Carry your hall ticket and black ball pens. Keep school id card with you.
  5. Preserve the hall ticket even after the exam is over.
  6. No prize for finishing first! So be comfortable. Usually time is sufficient.
  7. Don’t drink too much water just before the exam. Carry water with you.
  8. Do not bother to see what others are writing.
  9. The exam is not online. You have to physically go there.
  10. Try to reach at least 20 min early.
  11. You should know your exam centre and how to go there. Take help from your parents.
  12. Eat chocolates or sweets before the exam. Remember? Glucose is the food for our cells!
  13. Do not solve new question papers on the previous day! Instead revise only the things you have studied nicely.
  14. Even if you don’t know an answer, make a guess there itself and write the answer. Don’t leave it to be done at the end.
  15. After every 10 questions, match the question number and answer number.
  16. You are not supposed to do any other work – like bring chalks, papers, etc. If the supervisor orders you to do so, politely refuse and focus on your work.
  17. If you find any mistake in the paper, use your common sense and proceed. Do not argue or fight with the exam supervisor!
  18. Those who love to take tension, can certainly have a lot of it! Others can have a nice time at exam!

Life is not a race! Do you know what will happen if you don’t get good marks in HomiBhabha exam?

Absolutely nothing!

The examiners don’t even make the result list public. Even if you fail, no one will come to know! Also nothing bad is going to happen due to this. So don’t panic. Relax and enjoy!

We have studied for Homi Bhabha Exam because we enjoy science! And it helps us to learn more!

Do let us know how your exam went.

ALL the BEST to all our dear students!

– Rahul Ogale and Udita Ogale