Frequently Asked Questions about the Homi Bhabha Exam

How do I appear for the exam?

The forms have to be filled through school.
A school teacher or a school representative is supposed to collect the exam fee from the students and pay the amount to the examiners bank account. Then they should register the names online (as mentioned on the site).
In some cases, a parent can act on behalf of the school and do the registration. 
In some cases, students apply from some other school from nearby area if that school is doing the registration.
Please visit the examiners official website –

How do I prepare for this exam?

This question is so common, we have a separate page dedicated to
each level of preparation for Homi Bhabha Exam.

Is it compulsory to appear for this exam?
NOT AT ALL! If you find school science boring and troublesome, then you should certainly give this a skip. In fact, simply appearing for the exam is not going to help you at all. However, this exam is a good excuse to start learning science.

Who should appear for this exam?

In simple words – Those who find science interesting.
Those who find school science quite easy and would like to learn something more challenging and interesting, should definitely give it a try.
Just appearing for the exam is of no use. However, studying for this exam will help you strengthen your basic concepts, and that will help you in all your future science studies. 
Those who find school science boring and troublesome should certainly skip this exam. 

How will this exam help me?

Well, the exam itself won’t! But studying for this exam will help you strengthen your basic science concepts.
The questions asked are often tricky and test your fundamental understanding of science concepts. So, preparing for them will make you think and come up with questions (if you cant find the answers, you can always ask us)
Your preparation for Homi Bhabha Exam now will help you in all your future science studies. A strong science base is essential for 11th, 12th grade as well as all entrance tests like IIT entrance, engineering CET, etc.

Where will I get sample questions and practice papers?

A book by Dnyanada Prakashan with past 10 years question papers and answers is available (Contact Publisher: Shri.Mulay – 9223275537)

Official book by Menaka Prakashan contains only 2 solved papers. This book is expensive. 

We also have practice papers:
Tiny Tests: These are our FREE online tests for practice – Click to view
Click to View2 Prelim tests in form of mobile apps – Rs.200 each – Click to View

Where do I see the result?

  1. Results are announced on the site 
  2. Result is also sent on the registered mobile number of the student
  3. Result also comes to the school through which you have registered

What if my school does not fill the form?

  1. One of the parents can do the registration on behalf of the school (Register your school giving your own number as school teacher / principals number)
  2. Register yourself from some other nearby school which is doing this registration (your certificate will mention your name and the name of that school)
  3. Try calling the msta people on the numbers provided on their site (usually this does not help!)

How to get the hall ticket?

  1. Print the hall ticket from the official site and get it signed and stamped from the school. 
  2. Some enthusiastic schools provide hall tickets to the students.