Tiny Tests

Chapter-wise science tests for Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik (Young Scientist) Theory Exam

Tiny Tests are short topic-wise 10-question tests.
They will to help to assess your basic understanding of each topic and strengthen your fundamental concepts in science.

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We suggest that you read the topic from our Homi Bhabha exam E-Course or Homi Bhabha Exam Books or your own books before taking the test.

For 6th Standard:

6th Std – Motion and Types of Motion

6th Std – Light (Part I)

6th Std – Light (Part 2) 

6th Std – Simple Machines 

6th Std – Acids and Bases

6th Std – Units and Measurement

6th Std – Properties of Matter

For 9th Standard

9th Std – Plant Classification

9th Std – Animal Classification

9th Std – Acids and Bases

9th Std – Metals and Non-Metals

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  1. I solved all the tests…its a great revision before a week ..I would request to launch some more of the same kind so that our revision gets better


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