How to present homi bhabha project

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Once you finish the project work and finish writing the report, it is the time to prepare to present your project well.

Your project might  be very nice, but if you don’t present it properly, the examiners will never come to know about it. So you must ensure that you present the project effectively.

At homi bhabha Level 3 exam you will get around 5 to 10 mins to present your project. The examiners may ask you few questions. Here you should imagine that you are a teacher, teaching your project to them.

How to present your project (5 to 10 min):

  • First quickly tell what things are you going to talk about (the INDEX of your talk) (may be 4-5 points)
  • Introduction can be completely avoided. (tell only if asked)
  • Directly talk about the main part of your project. (Remember the important pages of your report which you want to refer to while talking.)
  • Explain or rather teach your project in a logical manner. You will use sentences like ‘I have done…’, ‘I have observed….’, ‘I have found out that….’, ‘I took a decision that…’
  • If asked, clearly identify and tell which part you did yourself and what help you got from others like your teachers or parents. [There is nothing wrong in taking help from others.]
  • Avoid faking any point. [Examiners can very easily find if a thing is actually done by you or not]
  • Do show your enthusiasm, and attachment to your project work.
  • If you cannot answer a question, it is not a problem at all! The question may not be relevant to the topic or might not be expected at your level at all!! (Some questions may be asked just to see your reaction.) So no need to worry.
  • Practice presenting the project to your friends, parents, teachers, neighbours. Check if they understand your project from your presentation.

If you need any help, you can always contact me:
Rahul Ogale – 9892013836

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