How to write the Project Report

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Once you complete the project work, you need to make a small document to present your project. This is called writing the project report. You will have to submit this report to the homi bhabha exam authorities.

Remember that, the project report is a document made for others to understand your work. It is like ‘teaching your project’. And not a legal document to prove that you have done the project!

Consider following points while writing the report:

  • The main part of the project should tell what you have done. Introduction and the general points should be extremely short (only a few lines).
  • You may include diagrams, photos if it helps you to present your work better. But it is not compulsory.
  • A typical index may include: acknowledgement, abstract, introduction to your work, statement of necessity, your actual project related headings, observations, analysis, conclusion, remedial measures, references etc. But remember these heading are just a guideline and not a compulsion.
  • You may decorate your project if you want to. But keep in mind that it is a scientific project and not an arts and craft project!
  • You may require a certification from your school to be put on the project.

At the time of the exam you need to submit your project report. Also you will be given some time to present your project to the examiners. Once you finish doing the project work and writing the report, prepare to present it.

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