Week 0 – Before our class starts

Activities and questions for young science students:


‘Mass’ is a property of matter-

Activity– Go to the market with your parents. Request the shopkeeper to show you 100 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg and 2 kg mass. Hold them in your hands and take a feel of them.
Observe an equiarm balance. Find out which ‘arms’ are ‘equal’? Observe and learn how it is used.
Take a 1 litre bottle and fill it up with water. Find out its mass in grams.
Now remove the water and fill up the bottle with sand. Find out its mass.

What can you conclude from this?

If you do the activity you can post your photo on our group too!

(Don’t forget to thank the shopkeeper!)

Young experimenters doing the activity


Be an Experimenter!!

You must have studied that sun rises in the east sets in the west. But what about moon?
Do we have moon rise? planet rise? do the stars rise and set?

Try to find this not from the books or internet.

Try to make observations yourself! Let us learn by actual experiments!!

Take help from your parents and make observations at night / early in the morning at required intervals. Try to figure out the things yourself!!

If you make observations, do post about it along with your conclusions.