Week 1 – for 6th Std

Activities and questions for young science students:


E-Course – Download and install:
Ogale’s Science: 6th Std Homibhabha E- course:


Use free e-course to revise the first class. All the students who have missed the first class can use the E- course to study the chapters:

Go to Free Course –> Class 1 –>

  • Properties of matter

On page no 8 and 10 find the weight of sand bag.
On page 14 – See the video. Explain the principle to your parents.
On page 17 – Observe the liquid air (Nitrogen)
On page 18 – Observe what happens to iodine crystals when heated
Take the small test at the end. Post your score on our whatsapp group.

  • Digestive system

On Page 2 – Observe how Venus Fly trap eats the food.
Study the concepts, watch the videos, take your own self notes.
Take the test at the end. Post your score on our whatsapp group.

II. Curdling of milk

Take a a few spoonfuls of milk in a container. Squeeze some lemon juice into it. Observe the change.
What gets formed?
Is this a physical or chemical change?
Is this a reversible change?

Activities done by young experimenters


We have studied about units. To know how much exactly is 1 kg, we used to use a platinum-iridium cylinder (Called IPK).

But from the year 2019 this definition of ‘kilogram’ has changed!

Read about this in the following article on our site:

What is ‘the NEW kilogram? – basic idea in simple words