Week 1 – for 9th Std

I. Units:

  1. Write Units of Velocity and acceleration in [LMT] system
  2. Assume the formula: Force = mass x acceleration and write the LMT unit for Force
  3. We have discussed some fundamental ideas and questions like:
    “What is one meter?” “what is ‘natural’ in natural numbers?”
    Discuss and explain these ideas to your friends and parents.

II. Whats the new kilo?

We have studied about units.

To know how much 1 kg means, we used to use a platinum-iridium cylinder (Called IPK).

But from the year 2019 this definition of kilogram has changed!

Read about this in the following article on published on our site:

Whats the new kilo? – Basic idea in simple words

III. Chemistry: Combination reaction

Two or more chemicals reacts to give single product.
Hydrogen gas burns with white flame in chlorine producing hydrochloric acid. Observe the video.
Write the balanced chemical reaction.
Can you find other examples of combination reaction?