Current year’s News and Events for Homi Bhabha Theory Exam

11 March 2022: A man had transplanted heart from pig. He died today. Survived for 2 months after the transplant. The heart genes ware modified so that it will not get rejected by human body.

Chinese Chang Zheng 5B rocket, which was launched in February 2021, reentered Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday and burned up in the skies over India

April 2022:

60 feet long 500 ton bridge got stolen in bihar

May 2022:

Worlds highest weather monitoring station installed on mountain Everest

Monkeypox virus outbreak in various parts of the world

July 2022:

Eye drops invented which can be used instead of reading glasses.

Gujrath man found to have blood group AB+ without EMM antigen – very rare

JET telescope started working

August 2022:

China rocket pieces fall on earth.

Trekkers found ancient route to char dham yatra that pandavs took 3000 years ago. This route to open for public.

Ayman al-Zawahiri killed in a strike in Kabul by Hellfire missiles fired from a drone

Lumpy Skin Disease: Over 400 Cattle Die, 20,000 Infected In A Month In Punjab. LSD is caused by a virus of the capripox genus. It spreads rapidly among cows and buffaloes through flies, mosquitoes and ticks.

IIT researchers find new method to produce sugar substitute from sugarcane waste. Called ‘Xylitol’, this sugar substitute has potential anti diabetic effects

Europe’s great drought: The worst in 500 years.

Noida twin towers brought down using 3700kg of explosives

Sept 2022: Cheetas arrive to india from namibia