Current year’s News and Events for Homi Bhabha Theory Exam

Twin elephant babies spotted at shrilanka forest near colombo

Oct 2019: Abhijeet banarjee- Nobel in economics

Corona virus outbreak

Gold mine discovered in UP

China to send 1 lakh ducks to fight locusts

Madhuri kanutkar lady lieutenant general

March – vegetables farming was successful in ISS (International Space Station)

29 april- asteroid 1998 OR2 passed closely from earth

8 May styrene gas leak at a polymer plant in Visakhapatnam early Thursday. 

Huge quantity of oil got leaked in artic river in Russia

Amphan cyclone hits Orissa and west Bengal

Nisarga cyclone in Maharashtra

Oil well fire at Assam

Lonar lake water became reddish in colour

7 July 2020- PEDDAPALLI: Telangana- Discovered fossil of a stegodon — a now-extinct elephant species known as Proboscideans. that roamed the Earth somewhere between 8-11 million years ago.

Indian Railways new record: Operates its 2.8 km long train ‘SheshNaag’

15 July – golden tiger found at Kaziranga.

15 July c2020 comet came near Earth

2750 tons ammonium nitrate exploded in Lebanon

5 Aug Bhumi poojan at Ayodhya

8 Aug – landslide at idduki Kerala.
Air India plane slides off the runnway

11 Aug mount cinabunga at North Sumatra- volcanic eruption has started.

Neelakhantha Bhanu Prakash won ‘mental calculation world championship’ at london. He is the fastest human calculator

22 Oct – 7th set of salivary glands discovered in the throat.

29 Oct – Found a metal asteroid psyche 16 entirely made up of iron and nickel

Longest lightning flash stretched more than 700 kilometres (400 miles) across southern Brazil on October 31 2019.

Nov 2020- The phenomenon is called ‘blue tide’, and appears when luminescent marine life make the sea appear a deep shade of blue. The spectacle occurs when phytoplankton (microscopic marine plants), commonly known as dinoflagellates, produce light through chemical reactions in proteins, said researchers. Waves disturb these unicellular microorganisms and make them release blue light.

3 Dec Solapur teacher Ranjeetsingh Disle got global teacher prize Rs 7 crore.

Corona new strain found in briton
Corona vaccine – Pfizer