Homi Bhabha Action Research Project for 2020-21 batch students

This article covers Action Research Projects for 6th and 9th std for the year 2020-21 (Homi Bhabha Exam – Level 3)

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Topic for 6th Std:

Ecofriendly / Sustainable Packaging Or Packing

What does it mean?

What is packing and packaging –
Packing is only for protection. E.g. thermocol/ paper/ foam pieces/ bubble wrap kept in the box to protect the inside contents
Packaging is for both – protection and attractiveness

What you have to do –

This project has two parts. You have to do both:
1) Study of packing / packaging waste created at your home. Report your study. Try to reduce or reuse it or recycle it.
2) Suggest improvement in any particular packing/ packaging.

My Example Project

Here is my example. Students should try to find their own ideas and are requested NOT to copy this.

Part 1:
I will make a brief study of all the packing/ packaging waste material which comes in 4 weeks. I will try to classify the packaging waste into various groups like cardboard, paper, plastic, other types of materials etc.
Then try to measure the mass and volume. I will document this in the report
Improvement: I have found that some food items come in a zip-lock plastic bags. I plan to wash them and reuse it for various other purposes.

Part 2:
I want to develop coconut outer shell as a packing material (not packaging as it may not be able to show the product inside or may not look attractive)
I will try to cut the coconut with a saw, and remove the ‘water’ and ‘khobra’ and clean it. Then I will try to drill 3 holes in both parts. I will try to keep various objects inside and try to pack it. Check if it is useful substitute for transport.
I will try to see if it can be made water resistance by putting a plastic between it and by putting a layer of wax.
I will try to drop such packed coconut and see if it can sustain drop from some height.
I will present all the ideas and findings about the coconut shell as a packing material in the report.

Homi Bhabha Action Research Project for 9th Std 2020-21:
Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Strategies

Purpose of the project: Monitor, modify IPC measures followed in our locality. Bring awareness about epidemic management.

Here is an example. Students should try to find their own ideas and are requested NOT to copy this.

  1. I will briefly study existing IPC Strategies.
  2. Check if anything out of it can be implemented. And check if it is getting implemented at my society and school
  3. Conduct online survey and try to collect data to do the surveillance of corona disease.
  4. I will try to start a newsletter on IPC measures and circulate it (soft copy online) among my school friends and society.
  5. I will try to make a more comfortable mask to reduce pain and inconvenience of the present mask which I have.

Reference :
Action – research project document published on official website msta.in

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