About Us

We, the Ogale family, are teachers at heart and teachers by profession, since many generations! We mainly teach Science and Maths. Our key expertise is teaching for Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam (also called (Bal Vaidnyanik Spardha).

We believe that to learn Science is to learn to think logically. We help and encourage kids to think on their own.

If you like Science / Maths, if you are curious to know about things around you, if you are always full of questions like “Why does this happen?” and are not satisfied with the answers you get in school, then we are the right people for you!

Students and their doubts are always welcome at Ogale Learning Centre! You can always call/ whatsapp us for help and guidance.

We teach in a learning-oriented manner, and not just for exams. Our objectives are:

  • to build a good foundation in science
  • to develop strong understanding of basic concepts
  • to trigger scientific thinking
  • to provide exposure in science

We have:

  1. Online classes for Homi Bhabha Exam – Interactive learning sessions in a virtual classroom
  2. Science Apps
  3. Regular classes and workshops – at Mumbai
  4. Science Kits:
  5. Books for Homi bhabha Exam
  6. YouTube Videos:

Contact details

Rahul Dilip Ogale – 9892013836
rahulogale@yahoo.com / rahulogale@gmail.com

About Rahul Ogale Sir

  • Teaching Science for competitive exams since 2008
  • Published books for Homi Bhabha exam for 6th and 9th Std
  • Designed revolutionary educational apps: MBooks, MGames, MTests, MPracts, e-Course, etc.
  • Conducted Science Workshops / guidance sessions for students all over Maharashtra (Kankavali, Amravati, Jalgaon, Ratnagiri, Satara, Pune, Baramati, Nashik, Munchar, Khed, Pen, Jalna, etc)
  • Conducted guidance session for teachers on ‘The art and science of Teaching’
  • Conducted “Android App Making” workshop at Khed
  • BE Production from Mumbai University
  • Worked for: Godrej and Boyce Mfg Ltd (3 years) & Tata Consultancy Services (3 years)

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