What is Homi Bhabha Action Research Project?

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Action research project means a project done with a scientific approach. That includes various aspects like:

  • Clarity in identifying the problem or the task
  • Making the things measurable
  • Planning and designing the actions
  • Actually doing the things
  • Evaluating your actions and correcting them if necessary.
  • Drawing the proper conclusions

Many students feel that project work means writing and pasting pictures and decorating the project book. But this is so not true!

Writing the project report does not mean doing the project. The report is just for presenting or explaining your project to others if required. So, do your project first. And then think of writing the report.


Generally speaking projects can be of 3 types:

  • Action research project: Here you will actually do some actions, take measurements, do experiments. It is fully scientific and very enjoyable!
  • Study based project: Here you will basically do a scientific study. (Maybe of a system or idea or some project built by someone else.) Then you will evaluate it. You may suggest new things. You may do some experimentation too.
  • Survey based project: Here you will mainly do surveys. Collect some data and opinion from various people and try to present it. You may draw some conclusions from the surveys.

Our suggestion for Homi Bhabha students is to avoid a survey-based project!


  1. First understand the scope of the project. (If you have already written the outline, it will be useful)
  2. Do some brainstorming and come up with few relevant ideas on which you will like to work.
  3. Finalize the basic idea about which you are doing the project. Ensure that it fits into project scope specified by the examiners.
  4. If there are any actions, measurements, experiments in your project, Very good!
  5. If there have to be any surveys (try to avoid), prepare for that.
  6. Make a date-wise plan
  7. Take help from your parents, teachers and knowledgeable persons if required.
  8. Start the actual work.
  9. Write the report.
  10. Prepare to present the report.

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