How to do the Homi Bhabha Action Research Project?

Action research project means a project done with a scientific approach. At the Homi Bhabha Level 3 Exam, evaluation on Project work involves three aspects:

  1. Actually DOING a good action research project
  2. Submitting the Project Report
  3. Presenting the Project

Many students feel that project work means writing and pasting and decorating the project book. That’s not true! The report is just for presenting the project. But you have to actually DO the project work first!

You will probably go through the following steps:

  1. Select a relevant topic that you will ENJOY working on
  2. Identify the tasks, make them measurable
  3. Plan the actions that you will do
  4. Actually DO those actions
  5. Evaluate the results (even tell negative ones truthfully!)
  6. Take corrective actions
  7. Write the report AFTER you have finished doing the project


  1. What is Homi Bhabha Action Research Project?
  2. How to write the Project Report?
  3. How to present your Project?
  4. Projects for 6th and 9th Std for this year
  5. Past years Project Photos

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