Equations of Motion – Lecture notes for 9th Homi Bhabha Online Class

These are some notes from our 9th Std Online Zoom Class – Motion and Equations of motion

A brief revision of what we have studied in this class:

Answer: minus 20 mangoes per hour

EXAMPLE: When velocity keeps changing continuously

Derivations of 3 equations


Uniform Acceleration under Gravity

Bodies dropped from height fall faster and faster. Hence it is accelerated motion.

Gravity is downwards. And hence taken ‘-’

Gravitational acceleration g = 9.8 m/s2

But we consider g = -10 m/s2 (for ease of calculation)

Objects dropped from the same height. Who will reach the ground first? (Remember the Videos we saw)

•Elephant and ant
•Small stone and big stone
•Washing machine and a pillow
•Foot ball and iron ball
•A car and a tyre
•Iron ball and a feather

This was for homework!

Projectile Motion

The Monkey and the banana problem