News and Events for Homi Bhabha Exam 2021

  • Nasa confirms Perseverance rover has landed on Mars
    AFP | Feb 19, 2021, 02:56 IST
  • Harappan city Dholavira, located in present-day Gujarat, has been inscribed in UNESCO’s world heritage sites
  • Russian module Nauka docked to ISS
  • 43 million years old fossil of ancient four-legged whale found in Egypt
  • Delhi: Tunnel connecting Legislative Assembly to Red Fort discovered
  • 42,000 Year Old Tree Captured Evidence Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipping in new Zealand
  • Beautiful drone footage of volcano on Ireland
  • 24 march- Meteorology dept pune has put 100 yr environment data on internet
  • Ship Weighing 200,000-Ton Blocks Suez Canal
  • 13 Apr Fukushima nuclear power plant is going to release radio active water in sea
  • 5May- woman gave birth to 9 babies.
  • A lot of covid survivors are getting complications like black fungus in nose (MucorMycosis).
    A person whose immunity is reduced due to uncontrolled diabetes or any other reasons are prone to get affected by this fungus if he they have contracted COVID infection and received high doses of steroids.
  • May 18 elephants got killed in Assam due to lightning.
  • Zeolite is used in the Medical Oxygen Plant (MOP) technology. Zeolite, also called molecular sieve are microporous crystalline solid of aluminium silicate. zeolite adsorbs or traps nitrogen onto its surface.
  • Tautki Storm hits india
  • Iron dome defence against missile attacks developed by ISrael
  • 24May lava eruption at kango
  • 2 June: treasure inside the carcass of a sperm whale. When they cut the carcass open, they found a huge mass of waxy and black sludge inside the stomach of the animal. They had actually found ambergris (whale vomit) worth a whopping  $1.5 million.
    Whale vomit, which is also called ambergris, is a solid, waxy, and flammable substance that is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. It is dull grey or blackish in colour. Ambergris is highly valued by perfumers as a fixative that allows the scent to endure much longer.
  • 3 June For 20 seconds, China’s ‘artificial sun’ EAST achieved a peak temperature of 288 million degrees Fahrenheit, which is over ten times hotter than the sun. 
    Fuel is heated to temperatures of over 150 million degrees C so that it forms a hot plasma “soup” of subatomic particles. With the help of a strong magnetic field, the plasma is kept away from the walls of the reactor to ensure it does not cool down and lose its potential to generate large amounts of energy. The plasma is confined for long durations for fusion to take place
  • Botswana-3rd largest diamond found-1,098 carrot
  • 30 June Kumar Eswaran, a Hyderabad-based mathematical physicist, who has claimed to have found proof for Riemann Hypothesis (RH), the famous mathematical problem that has remained unsolved for the past 161 years.
  • 28 September pm declares 35 new crop varieties
  • 20 Oct pig kidney transplanted to human